DUG East
June 20-22, 2017
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
David L. Lawrence Conv. Ctr.
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2016 DUG East

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2016 Conference, Day 1

8:35 am

Opening Keynote: Big Wells Deliver

A leading Utica operator has been announcing spectacular dry gas wells in southwestern Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. Get the latest on its strategy and views related to the game-changing dry Utica play.

9:00 am

Economics Panel: All About Balance

Operators across the Northeast are engaged in a real juggling act: reducing their budgets while drilling only the best locations to maintain production. How do these plays compare to those in other major gas-producing regions of the country, how are EURs improving and breakevens changing?

9:40 am

Special Address: Prospects & Challenges For U.S. LNG Exports

Decades-old supply areas are grappling with the rise of Appalachia as one of the top gas producing provinces in the world. What does the emergence of the Marcellus and Utica plays mean for continental and global markets? How are traditional relationships between buyers and sellers readjusting? How will the development of multi-Tcfs of Appalachian gas impact the geopolitical scene?

10:40 am

Operator Spotlight: Enhanced Completions

Downspacing, longer laterals and choke management strategies are boosting ultimate recoveries. This leader in the Appalachian Basin has taken Utica drilling to a new record with a lateral length of more than 18,500 feet. It shares what has been learned to date and what the remainder of the year has in store.

11:00 am

Private Operators Panel: A Special Approach

Pennsylvania and Ohio are home to several vibrant private firms, which have different drivers from their public counterparts. Join this select panel of private-company executives as they offer insights on how they are managing during the downturn.

1:00 pm

Special Remarks: Inside The Race For President

One of the nation's leading authorities on American politics and the U.S. elections shares his insights about the current aspirants for President and their respective campaigns.

  • Charles E. Cook, Jr., Editor and Publisher, The Cook Political Report, and Columnist, National Journal – Presentation not available

1:45 pm

Afternoon Industry Keynote: Top Tier Execution

This company, with a premier position overlying huge resources in the Marcellus, Utica and Pt. Pleasant, has boosted results by lowering costs, extending lateral lengths and increasing EURs. In the past three years its reserves- replacement record averaged over 600%. Beyond outstanding field operations, Range is well-hedged through 2016, and is the first Northeast producer to export ethane to Europe, opening a new market for prolific NGL production.

  • Ray N. Walker, Jr., Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Range Resources Corporation

2:15 pm

Technical Roundtable: Effectiveness & Efficiencies

This roundtable of operating and service company experts detail what is working in the Marcellus and Utica today, from drilling efficiencies to completion methodologies. How do technologies and techniques in the two plays differ, and how are companies wringing the most value from their field dollars?

  • Tony Angelle, Vice President Northeast Area, Southern Region, Halliburton– Presentation not available
  • Paul Cole, Sales Manager-Pressure Pumping Services, Schlumberger– Presentation not available
  • Rodney Archibeque, Director of Operations, Southern Marcellus Shale Division, Range Resources– Presentation not available
  • Mark Malone, Vice President of Operations, Gulfport Energy– Presentation not available


3:40 pm

Midstream Spotlight: Accessing National & Global Markets

The Marcellus infrastructure build-out continues to offer the promise of access to new markets both near and far, but as the market has changed over the past year, so has the way that midstream companies do business. With the changing marketplace, how has the midstream industry's approach to projects evolved?

4:00 pm

Operator Spotlight: Taking Advantage

Rice Energy expects 2016 production to rise at least 27% while reducing capital investments and well costs by approximately 10% -- and its E&P budget has been fully funded. Hear about how the company is navigating the current environment and executing its plans to position for success in 2016 and beyond.

  • Toby Rice, Founder, President and COO, Rice Energy

4:20 pm

Private Company Spotlight: Extending The Core North Of Pittsburgh

Private equity-backed PennEnergy Resources is focused on acquiring contiguous acreage positions in proven areas of the Appalachian Basin. It is targeting the Marcellus, Upper Devonian and Utica plays. Learn how this new entrant into the space is making its mark.

4:40 pm

Closing Keynote: Natural Gas Liquids Exports & Marcus Hook

World markets are lining up access to discounted U.S. natural gas liquids. Amid lower prices, how and when will new export hubs be realized to monetize the prolific production coming out of the Northeast?

  • Greg A. Haas, Director, Integrated Oil & Gas, Stratas Advisors

2016 Conference, Day 2

8:35 am

Opening Keynote: Natural Gas Production, Productivity & The Future

How does current and potential production from the Marcellus and Utica reservoirs fit into the national gas-supply picture? How have operators responded to the extended low-price environment? What gains have been made in efficiencies throughout the extraction process? This top DOE official shares the U.S. government's view of Appalachian gas.

  • Dr. Carmine Difiglio, Deputy Director for Energy Security, Office of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis (EPSA),U.S. Department of Energy

9:00 am

Northeast Dealmaking Outlook

As producers wait on higher gas prices and new infrastructure to come online, they will rearrange the asset portfolio and pay down debt. These experts analyze A&D deal flow, who is entering the region, and who has refinanced to thrive.

  • William A. Marko, Managing Director, Jefferies LLC
  • Tim Murray, Managing Director, Head of Energy Origination, Benefit Street Partners


9:40 am

Technical Spotlight: Tracking Above The Type Curve

Next-generation completions are delivering up-sized recoveries, and well EURs are climbing at impressive rates. This expert looks at the relationship between continuous improvements in completion designs and well recoveries, including new understandings of well and stage spacing, treatment efficiencies, reservoir depletion, and more.

10:40 am

Service Spotlight: Water Management

State and regional authorities, not to mention environmentalists, are watching the industry closely for proper treatment and recycling of water in Marcellus and Utica wells. This executive offers insights into how companies cope with this important topic.

11:00 am

Roundtable: Monetizing Northeast Natural Gas

With Marcellus and Utica production surging and more pipelines coming on, producers and end users are developing many new markets. Uses for that gas supply range from methanol plants and cogeneration facilities, to LNG used for drilling rigs and vehicles. How much local demand can be created for the gas supply? These experts discuss the possibilities.

  • Anthony C. Cox, Director, Midstream Business Development, UGI Energy Services– Presentation not available
  • Patricia W. Jagtiani, Executive Vice President, Natural Gas Supply Association (NGSA)– Presentation not available
  • David Hooker, Managing Director, Mountaineer NGL Storage, LLC– Presentation not available


11:45 am

Conference Adjourns

Agenda content and timeline subject to change